Surfside Colony SWP

The Surfside Colony Storm Water Protection District was established on July 1, 1941 under the California Storm Water District Act of 1909 to provide services to Surfside Colony.   The scope of services provided by the district include the prevention or control of soil erosion, for the purpose of protecting the lands in the district from damage by storm water, by the construction of dams, ditches, dikes, terraces and other structures, by planting of trees, shrubs, grasses or other vegetation and by spreading, conserving, storing, retaining or causing to percolate into the soil any or all waters.  In addition, the district is responsible for the prevention and repair of storm related damage.

These services are funded by a portion of the Orange County property tax which is based on the assessed valuation of each property in Surfside Colony.  The District is governed by a five-member elected board, each of whom serve four-year terms.   Board members are Surfside Colony residents and are elected in a general county election, or are appointed by the Orange County Board of Supervisors in lieu of election.